5 Jennifer Lawrence facts

1.  search came when she starred in her first blockbuster, X men First Class as Raven/Mystique.  That is were she met, and bonded with her British boyfriend Nicholas Holt.  He played Hank McCoy/Beast.    Lawrence told Ryan Seacrest that they were just “Basketball Buddies”  But were often seen together on the “X men first class” red carpet.   And last month, on valentines day, they took a walk together in L.A. and there were no basketballs in sight.


2.  In her breakout role in “Winter’s Bone”  Lawrence was the second youngest actress to receive “Best actress” nomination.  The youngest was Keisha Castle-Hughes “whale Rider”  at age 14.


3.  Once offered the role of Katnis, it took her 3 days to make up her mind.


4.  Up next she will star in “The Silver Linings Playbook”, “House at the End of the Street”, and of course those sequals to “The Hunger Games”.  While she is contracted for those three movies in the series, she got paid a modest $500,000 for her first instalment.


5.  In her 6 week training for her role, she almost busted a spleen.  while running flat out during a exercise called “wall run”.  she lost her balance, and hit her stomach agenst the hard surface.  This sent her to the emergency room for a CAT scan, but this Katnis player has nine lives, and this accident did not delay the shooting.



Don’t forget to check out “The Hunger Games”  In theaters near you Friday March 23rd.


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