check this out

I found this on Yahoo, i thought it was worth posting about… below is the link to the picture and article, of a collage girl who got her picture taken with Obama… This is pretty funny… I suggest you check it out.

new list of must see movie trailers

1. disturbia link:

2.  jennifer’s body link:

3.  The moth diaries link:

4.  we bought a zoo link:

5.  Snow White and the huntsman link:

6.  The Hunger Games link:

7.  The New Daughter link:

8.  the last exorsism link:

9.  insidious link:

10.  X- men first class link:

must see movie trailers

I want to start making a weekly list of the best movies i have heard of every week.  these are some movies i think you should check out…  some are coming in theaters soon, but some are a little older.

1.  Girl in Progress link:

2.  The Skelaton Key Link:

3. The Cabin in the Woods link:

4. Odd Girl Out link:

5.  You Again link:

6.  The Darkest Hour link:

7.  The Hunger Games link:

8.  Jack and Jill link:

9.  Dream House:

10.  Woman in Black: