New Blog!

Hey everyone! I’m putting up a new blog soon! It’s going to be like this one except a little different… I hope you guys check it out once I post the link!

In other news, the artical on my friends blog isn’t going to happen:( but it’s ok, maybe another time! Keep coming back for more posts!


New Posts

Hi!  i know i haven’t posted in like a LONG time, but i’m going to start posting again.  Also, i’m doing an artical on bullying on a friends blog soon.  I will post the link when it goes up, but you should check out her blog!  Its everything from what clothes to wear, to family problems, to what boys to date *hehe.  But just keep coming back for more stuff!


Hemsworth Engaged ?

It turns out, ‘The Last Song’ was only the begining for these love birds .

Miley Cyrus , and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of ‘The Last Song’ in 2009.  And now are engaged.


“I’m so happy to be engaged, and am looking forward to a life full of happiness with Liam”  Miley told people magazine.

News !

This artical is different from the normal ones .  Reason being , i saw a video on Yahoo , and i thought it was something worth posting .


Two years ago , a little boy named Cooper was born with profound hearing loss . Nobody else in the family was deaf so they had no idea why he had it .


They got him a hearing-ade , and were testing it out while they took this video … let me just say , it will really touch your heart .  This is a video worth watching .


Link :


I want you to watch this video , and comment about what you thought about it .


If you missed the world premiere of Nickelodeon’s Rags, it will also be on this coming Saturday, so don’t miss this amazing new movie:)